Saturday, October 07, 2006

Knock Down Ginger: My House Projects

This was an Ayling & Conroy performance event My House Projects

Richard Peel had some drawings and a sound piece and also did a presentation about a potential large-scale, big budget animated series based on his work. Just in case you don't know it, here's his website

Fo my piece, gimp bot girl, there was a computer set up in a bedroom where the audience were telling me to do things over Messenger. I was hidden away in a cupboard downstairs updating a webpage from their suggestions. There's an archive of it on my RobotGirl site

Ang Li was preparing food all night as his performance, then you cooked it in a little pot. I think the sitting around eating was more important than the food itself

Chris Henry Clarke stood on a bed and asked us to throw paper aeroplanes at his heart

James Robert Ford set up a Nintendo tournament/drinking game. This was quite a popular piece. We had to rush off to get the train, but I suspect this continued well into the night.

For larger versions go to my Flickr page

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