Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Smack Gig

A performance at BIAD by the art group Smack...

They were making strange, droning, electronic music, while on top of giant plinths

Mark's da-glo plinth put Alex's in the shade a little, but you could go inside the plain one, although I was scared to do that for long.

Henry was hidden away inside his box, with a projection above it. I'm assuming he was making noises with a guitar and some records (of course it could have just been prerecorded)

I went through a door in one of the plinths, and entered a spooky alternate universe where I could see inside Mike's brain and my T-Shirt came to life, and then I got attacked by a ghost and everything went a bit odd...

Happy Halloween

As always, larger versions of photos on my Flickr page

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