Friday, September 15, 2006

Liverpool Biennial

Went to the Liverpool Biennial with Stu and met Ellie, then went to this ornate hotel where we had to pick up our packs, the artists and hotel guests mingling with much bemusement

Went to FACT which was a bit meh, although we got some amusement from Shilpa Gupta's piece where our shadows interacted with animated houses etc.

The Royal Standard was one of the recommended Independents at the Biennial, it's a really good artist run venue, in a great old blocky pub, lots of the art was nice too, including Marit Victoria Wulff Adreassen's strange little drawings and Sean Hawkridge piece, that can be seen at

Next was A Foundation, a massive space donated by James Moores (can you tell I've got gallery envy?). They had the New Contemporaries, Grizedale and Goshka Macuga's "Sleep of Ulro". This was a huge installation with lots of dream like elements: holes in walls with lenses to look through, mushrooms growing out of chairs, pirate hands in glass cases... you get the idea. Didn't get under my skin, but was impressive in some ways

Then met up with some others and went to St George's Hall for the speeches, that were actually held in a small hall then broadcast on a screen. Some people got given giant acupuncture needles. We got pissed on free wine.

There was a so-called "Chinese Pavillion" - we suspected they were putting the column up then taking it down repeatedly - and there was also a Hydro-electric dam made from egg shells (Ed and Ellie looking at it)

Outside there were some models of tramps on a van that had been driven around all day

(This is sounding a bit like a child's account of their Summer holidays) And then we went to see Grizedale Arts' performances, that were meant to be for a live webcast but I don't know anyone who got it to work. As we arrived back, Count Pollen was starting - Bedwyr Williams with the Numchuck Tudors (Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope), like a kind of Salem stand-up.

After making us wait about an hour, juneau/projects/ were doing their thing, in flashy embroidered (?) suits, playing songs (written by children, I believe) from their new album You Awake in a Forest

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