Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ikon Eastside Picnic

Didn't get many pics of this as my battery died, but there was loads of stuff going on at Eastside Green and in Curzon Street station.

Captain Ed was a shiny white clad master of ceremonies, introducing all kinds of sea themed loveliness including many shanties:

and David the mer-man read out a story that I didn't hear but the text can be found on his website

Richard did a solo proto-ballet which was ace as usual too.

Laundry's performance of standing around and then making strange, slightly Tai Chi movements was a bit like a communist dance cell

Later on we did an Insectoid audio performance, a few hitches but made kids stare which is always great, video here

And randomly, these are The Destroyers who were quite a hit with the public, they were in the seven inch cinema event the night before and the room was rammed

Larger pictures on my Flickr page

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