Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mark McGowan Festival

at Space Station Sixty-Five, East Dulwich
Week One: Ideas Zoo curated by Dave Beech

This is by WebsterGotts, what the heck are these things that you stick your head through called?

WebsterGotts were playing golf all weekend, and kept losing the ball. They managed to look dapper while retrieving it anyway.

Webster (or maybe Gotts) managing to get ball inside for once

Gotts (or maybe Webster) making a tricky shot around a market

A variation of the golf game. WebsterGotts are Alexis Gotts and Scott Webster and apparently much of their work revolves around time wasting

Hester Reeve was hidden in the garden doing little sketches of ideas and then came out to a fanfare, putting them with the others,

then doing a little dance of triumph

Brian Dawn Chalkley read out things from her/his Transvestite Manifesto but we missed it, these are some remnants

Dave Beech & Tim Brennan, Mark Hutchinson discussed some theory and left these on the walls but we missed it too - it was very hot and difficult to get to ok?

here are some blurry snaps of John Russell's 'performance' of not pissing out of a window.

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