Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Quatermass Code Talk

Went up to Sheffield to do a talk about the installation in BLOCspace on the final day of it being open (although there is a special viewing at their 'fair' next weekend - 29th April)

Just cos I love pictures of it, here are some more:

Tom C made this panel and Alex S made films to be seen on screens in the helmet

Henry O's panel, flashing panel says "Human Decision Required"

Ed O's panel. Every now and then a binary stream comes out of the speaker, and if you swich to the phone it'll translate it into a message. Sometimes.

Drawing Board by Jo H and David N. There are diagrams of the Quatermass Code machine and how it sends the signal via satellite

Some animations by Antony Lopez on the screen

The Brainsmoothing machine, and old favourite that keeps cropping up

What a bunch of interesting looking stuff

Here are some people wandering around trying it out

Stu obviously impressed by the noises people are making with the equipment

As always, if you want to see larger versions of any of these go to my Flickr page

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