Saturday, April 22, 2006

DOT Arena 2 (2)

It's up now and looking lovely...

... although they are still working on some bits - but hey, what town isn't slightly under construction

There are paintings in some of the spaces, ones that would be cutely small in a normal show could be imagined as vast epics since your sense of scale is skewed

You can write stuff on the bench in the park, I wrote something on the back, wonder if anyone'll see it

Mable Cable made some scary dolls, one is the Elephant Man I think

The Council House

Library featuring a comic

The Cherry Tree pub

Invisible sculpture by Jason Thomson, there are instructions and you have to imagine stuff

There's a window in the floor and you can look down at a garden with pool made by Tom and Alex

Flashing Lights and Remote Control!: RobotGirl - you can drive her around and make her do performances.

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