Saturday, September 24, 2005


I was involved in organising this event at the Mailbox in Birmingham, was originally meant to be a summer long festival but because they kept changing the dates, it ended up being a day, with a few installations up for longer.

Greg Cox made sculptures out of wood and Formica and dotted them around the building

Absent Projects (David, Ian and Pam) measured and built odd stuff all day

Delpha Hudson from Rubber Glove being a slow shopper. Her friend was being a fast shopper, then they swapped

David Brinkworth providing musak for shoppers. He sang 'Close To You' and other easy listening favourites as well as performing with a Hen Party

Rosemary Keep Tile: She inserted a number of these around the space, they relate to the shops they are near.

Reuben James Preston's hanging sculpture

whatsthebigmistry and FuncArt: Priya asked people questions, and Ed built the trolley and helped out too.

larger versions on my Flickr page

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