Monday, May 19, 2008

Surface Unsigned Hoo-Ha

There's a whole riot going on in the bloggosphere about the Created in Birmingham Surface Unsigned situation, which I won't add much to here, since people like Pete Ashton; Chris Unitt; Danny Smith; and Birmingham: It’s Not Shit know more about the whole thing than I do. To summarise though, bands have to sell at least 25 £6 tickets to shows to progress to the next round, which seems a bit steep.

It's been suggested we can help publicise this by linking to CiB's original post to push that up the Google rankings when people look for Surface Unsigned. I'm interested to see the power of blogs being harnessed in this way, how it shows we have a real community spirit, even though a lot of us can only identify each other as Twitter names and small square avatars. Nevertheless it's great to bump into each other and do that strange double take, as I did with @peteashton and @charlottecarey at the Fierce launch. That was the highlight of my evening, treat that as a review if you're wondering how all this fits into an art blog ;)


Ben [phluxm] said...
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Ben [phluxm] said...

hehe.. yeah we 'accidentally' slammed the festival live on bbc radio, remarking that it was a money making scheme... the winners dont get much and after 4 rounds of a minimum of 25 tickets each at £6-10 (thats between £150-£250 per round, per band!). The £1000 for the National Winner seemes pretty piss poor if you ask us!