Friday, November 16, 2007

Where The Deer And The Antelope Play

A joint show between WebsterGotts and Mandy Rees, a sweetshop coloured overload of balloons, 70s wallpaper patterns, and hallucinatory cowboys. The Western theme lassoed the artists together: Bearwood became a border town in a dream, where plastic faces bobbed around in a melodrama of gazes, a stare is so cold and hard it knocks down a man like a bullet, and people are lost in a shifting surface of pattern.


Mandy Rees

Birmingham is lucky to have new artist-led spaces putting on light and engaging show like this, it's what really puts us on the map, so lets hope they get the support they deserve, whatever their future plans.

The show will be open 10-4 Saturdays, 11-2 Sundays until the 9th of December

Crowd 6


Sorry about the image quality, I keep forgetting my camera and having to use my mobile

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