Sunday, August 05, 2007

Destination: Geodecity

Reactor event over Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th August 2007, where we became Geo-Pioneers, working together to envision and build a new utopian society.

We were picked up in one of three cities, with our allowed luggage in small pink bags. "Arthur" read hypnotic instructions on the way to the site, while we looked at a series of images of things that would be relevant over the coming weekend.


We arrived at the site, a small field, in between two rock faces (a hellish sun trap in the uncharacteristically roasting weather, but very beautiful). First task was to make some tabards with our new names on, we made a lovely pastel-hued cult

Destination:Geodecity Destination:Geodecity

We'd been asked to make tetrahedrons with our vision for Geodecity on, and we put them together in a tessellating model (that was as fragile as our dreams...). Then we were divided into groups based on the colours we had chosen. The Yellows went and gathered supplies and cooked the food, while the green team build the habitation domes, with help from others later.

Destination:Geodecity Destination:Geodecity Destination:Geodecity

There were a few invasions, a dog came in followed by its puzzled owners, and then the police visited, possibly alerted by the dog owners that there was something funny going on.


We managed to get all the domes up by sunset, then had a stew around the fire made by the Blues

Destination:Geodecity Destination:Geodecity

The next day we made plans for those to come in the future and took a last look at the camp and went home
Destination:Geodecity Destination:Geodecity

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