Saturday, May 26, 2007

Planet Alice

Junkplanet were playing in Brum, here's John making a Junk Voodoo stick. It was at Alice's birthday party (left) and I met her lovely friends Tanya & Jon (middle & right). We decorated the living room with junk too, you can see my rubbish bag chain and toilet roll tower in the background

There was string across the room with various things from their bag o junk hung up on it

John and Chris played most of the gig with their backs to the audence, the cool fucks. It was a really intense experience, people crammed against the walls, held there by noise and drones, shaking our organs and working peculiar magic on our brains. They finished off with a humming chorus from the audience which was pretty special, I felt like we were all being initiated into an esoteric cult of Junk worshippers. Hmmmmmm.

larger versions on this Flickr page

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