Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sideshow Performances

One of the great things about Sideshow (god I'm such a whore for the cause) is the performances, events and talks they have at the weekends. it means it really feels like an event that's going on for a couple of months rather than just a show you go and see.

This is Daniel Lehan - "Hide". He looks like a nice enough bloke, but he's watching your every move and typing it up on a scrolling screen above everyone's heads.

Phillip Henderson - "Balls: Divination". Massive build up then over in a second. 360 Ping Pong balls being dropped down a spiral staircase in a little library.

Dan Williamson - "Armchair Cut-Up". ...then put back together again

Stu leading us through the streets to another performance

Ayling & Conroy - "Fight for Sore Eyes". Yep, it did make your eyes sore, and your ears. Bonkers.

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