Thursday, April 20, 2006

DOT Arena 2

Went to take my piece for the DOT cardboard Leicester that is in Sideshow (more on that soon). Here's a few snaps of the work in progress:

Sally and Ed working hard on the DOT reconstruction of Leicester in cardboard. People are doing artworks in this as well.

You can walk around, it's all different scale, and there are large buildings you can go inside.

Build still in progress

A lovely scene of Leicester

Some benches where Mable is going to do a piece.
There appear to be DOTs in the air, I think it's just a bit dusty.

DOT's Factory

Tommy's moon

Harriet holding up the sink she's making for the hospital

Not sure where this is, looks vaguely familiar, I should have checked all this...

DOT's version of Victoria Park, Leicester

Some DOT workers beavering away

to see larger versions go to my flickr page

more on DOT

more on Sideshow

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