Monday, December 19, 2005

Project 99

Project 99 was a performance event that took place on the four Saturdays before Christmas 2004. Two art groups competed to sell the most artists' multiples from the back of ice cream vans. Each team selected 9 works, and 99 copies of each multiple were made. All items were priced at 99p, and made by professional artists.

The performances took place at Ikon, Brindleyplace, Birmingham every weekend, as well as other locations around Birmingham:

The Mailbox - 27th November
Craft Market, Lower New Street - 4th December
The Custard Factory - 11th December
mac, Cannon Hill Park - 18th December


27/11/04 a.a.s.


04/12/04 a.a.s.

new street

04/12/04 d.o.T.b.

custard factory

11/12/04 a.a.s.


18/12/04 a.a.s.


18/12/04 d.o.T.b.

more on Project 99

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