Monday, May 09, 2005

My life with Gary Seven

I curated the Gary Seven exhibition at the Custard Factory, Birmingham (9 - 15th May) with some of the students from BIAD in it, as well as other artists. It was based on the 60s Star Trek episode Assignment: Earth. This featured an agent called Gary Seven, his intelligent cat and assistant Roberta. It was designed to be a spin off series, but never made it. I wanted to give it a life outside of this, fulfilling it's potential in some way.

Gary Seven opening G7_opening01.jpg G7_opening02.jpg G7_opening10.jpg G7_opening03.jpg G7_opening08.jpg G7_opening09.jpg G7_opening04.jpg G7_opening05.jpg G7_opening07.jpg G7_opening06.jpg G7_opening14.jpg

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GarySeven said...

Wish I could've seen your Gary Seven exhibit. I have a bit of a vested interests.